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Our Mission

It's our mission to raise healthy adventurous eaters through introducing your little ones to the wonderful world of cooking from a young age. We're here to help all children develop healthy relationships with food.

Grubbalub Kitchen was born from the vision that with the right tools and community, we can all gain confidence and build everlasting bonds in the kitchen.


Our Story

Here at Grubbalub Kitchen we believe children should start to learn how to cook from a young age. Food has always been a huge part of my Caribbean household, and learnt how to cook from my parents and grandparents. Now my children are old enough to learn, I love teaching them too.

I wanted my children to avoid the fussy eating and have a healthy and positive relationship with a wide variety of food. I then realised there were probably many families like my own who wanted the same for their children. I want to teach those children just how great all different types of food can be and just how great food is for their growing bodies.

Through a love of food and culture, I wanted to share my recipes and knowledge with children everywhere... that's how Grubbalub Kitchen was born.


What We Believe In

I believe that a love for cooking should be experienced by all children, and the ability to do so should be something that every child should have. Grubbalub Kitchen cooking kits and cooking classes are great for the fussy eater, they are designed to be fun and encourage curiosity. 

I created these kids cooking kits and classes to inspire children to learn a life skill  while teaching them about different cultures and healthy food. I wanted to make all children feel included through creating an inclusive and diverse cooking kit and provide cooking classes where all children can see a representation of their family culture.

I believe that creating Grubbalub Kitchen in this way we can contribute to tackling childhood obesity by developing good food habits from the start. By having inclusivity, diversity and culture as part of our ethos, we can also acknowledge the needs of many multicultural families we now have in the UK.

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